Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Superdrug Haul (Part 2)

Slightly later than planned here is the second part of my superdrug shopping spree!

Vitamin E Exfoliating Body Scrub £2.99
I love a good body scrub but I'm quite particular about which ones I use. It's a real bug bear of mine that some products call themselves scrubs when they're more like slightly grainy shower gels. To me a scrub has to do exactly that and *scrub*! Don't know how good this one will be but it seems promising.

Superdrug Retractable Lip Brush & Eyeshadow Brush £2.99 & £2.49
These were impulse buys as I already have a set of brushes but the GOSH Nail Glitter I bought needs to the excess to be brushed off and I didn't want to wreck my existing brushes. As for the lip brush I bought this as I am trying to get into wearing lipstick more so thought it'd be handy to have around.

I'll be posting my review Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser later so watch this space!

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